Shrimp Wheel

This platter speaks for its self! Large and juicy premium Black Tiger shrimp served with cocktail sauce and lemon. The perfect zero carb and fat free food.

Small platter serves 15-20/$60.00 Large platter serves 30-40/$120.00


Stuffed Mushrooms

Jumbo stuffed mushroom caps with our homemade blend of jalapeno cream cheese, fresh herbs and spices, served baked or fried with horseradish sauce. Small platter serves 14-18/$31.95 Large platter serves 18-36/$59.95


Shrimp and Tuna Platter

Large and juicy premium Black Tiger shrimp and Tuna served seared with black and white sesame seeds. Garnished with sriracha, cusabi, wasabi, soy sauce, and ginger. Small platter serves 15-20/$85.00 Large platter serves 30-40/$140.00



Courtside house salad with fresh greens, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, mixed cheeses, and garlic croutons. Served with your choice of dressing. Serves 16-20/$39.95

Caesar salad with crisp Romaine lettuce, homemade garlic croutons and grated asiago cheese. Served with a classic Caesar dressing. Serves 16-20/$39.95


Boneless Chicken Wings

Hand-breaded and tossed in our mild, medium, hot, or BBQ sauce. Small platter serves 15-20/$34.95 Large platter serves 45-50/59.95


Chicken Penne Pasta Platter

Chicken, broccoli and mushrooms in our white wine cream sauce, topped with shredded asiago cheese. Serves 20/$49.95


Chicken Wings

Traditional bone-in chicken wings served either naked or breaded. Tossed in mild, medium, hot or BBQ sauce. 50 wings/$59.95 100 wings/$106.95


Sandwich Platter

Your choice of either turkey & cheese or ham & cheese. Prepared with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise and mustard. Small platter serves 8-12/$29.95 Large platter serves 12-24/$59.95

Spinach & Artichoke Casserole 

Served with Tortilla Chips.  Serves 20/$44.95

All Items Below are Antonio's Pasta Grille Signature Dishes

Mozzarella Capri

Serves 15-20/$34.95

Baked Ziti

Serves 15-20/$49.95


Serves 18/$69.95

Veggie Lasagna

Serves 18/$64.95

Chicken Genovese

Serves 20/$74.95

Chicken Florentine

Serves 20/$69.95

Chicken Marsala

Serves 20/$74.95

Chicken Parmigiana

Serves 20/$64.95

 *Blue Cheese $.75 per 2 oz./ Ranch $.50 per 2 oz.

All Items & pricing above are subject to change. 

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